Friday, 5 March 2021

Roles & Duties: The Best Man

A supporting role to the groom. A position of huge responsibility that should not be undertaken or indeed offered lightly. His duties include:
* The arrangement of the Stag Party (this should not be the night before the wedding)
* Ensuring a punctual and sober arrival of the groom at the wedding venue.
* Issuing of Buttonholes.
* Issuing of Orders of Service.
* Organising the seating with the wedding venue.
* Responsibility for the bringing of rings to the wedding venue.
* Presenting rings to the clergyman when required.
* Witnessing the signing of the register.

* Organisation of the Ushers.
* Payment of Church fees on behalf of the groom.
* Escorting the chief bridesmaid down the aisle.
* Organising the transport from the ceremony to the reception.
* 'Best man' speech at the reception.
* Reading out any telegrams and messages.