Friday, 29 July 2016

Themed Weddings

How Themed Weddings can be a Great Way to Tie The Knot

Traditional weddings are gradually becoming less and less common with each passing year. While some people would never settle for anything less than a church wedding, for others stately homes, golf clubs, beaches or anywhere that has licensing or function capabilities are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore adding your own unique spin on your big day adds that personal touch that will make your day even more special as you embark on the rest of your life with your new spouse. So here are just a handful of theme ideas you might consider for your big day. 

Disney themed wedding

So you’ve finally found your Prince Charming, he popped the question and you’ve said yes. So what’s next? A Disney themed wedding of course. What better way to live out your dream of being a Princess and marry your Prince than to walk down the aisle wearing your own glass slippers? Well, they’re plastic, but close enough. You can have your Bridesmaids dress as your favourite Disney Princesses, with very accurately detailed dresses, Mickey Mouse cufflinks, Elsa earrings, have your cake decorated with the Beauty and the Beast rose. The possibilities are endless. Finally, when your big day is over there’s only one logical choice for a honeymoon, a Disney cruise.

Las Vegas themed wedding

A Las Vegas themed wedding offers plenty of ideas to put a twist on your big day that’ll keep your guests talking long after the big day is over. You can hire out a casino for your wedding reception and your guests can enjoy playingslots, poker, blackjack, roulette and many more. You could have playing cards for invitations or for seating places. You can have a wedding cake designed to look like a roulette wheel, personalised dice or poker chips as wedding favours, and you could even supply each guest with a chip towards the evening’s casino games. For that extra Vegas touch, why not consider an Elvis impersonator instead of DJ?

Cinema themed wedding 

If you and your spouse-to-be are big cinema buffs then maybe you’ve considered a cinema themed wedding. You could start by sending out save the date/initiations printed in the style of cinema tickets. You can carry this on and have ticket stubs on each table for where each guest will be sitting, maybe with a bag of popcorn on each seat as well. Instead of numbering each table, name them after your favourite films. Have a red carpet with paparazzi leading to the venue and you could have Mr & Mrs matching Directors chairs and if you’re really going all out, ask your guests to dress as their favourite movie characters. 

Make sure your wedding is all about you 

There really is no end to the unique possibilities you can consider for your wedding. Geeky weddings are becoming ever more popular with themes like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lego Star Wars, Marvel and DC Superheroes or maybe you fancy Steampunk, Medieval, Vikings, Victorian. If you and your better half are big music fans you could consider a concert venue wedding, a rock n roll or a heavy metal theme. Gary Barlow’s been known to turn up and sing at fans weddings. Maybe you can get your favourite band or artist to sing at yours.
Whichever theme you choose, your wedding is bound to be a hit and one that you’ll look back on with happy memories for the rest of your life.