Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wedding Fayres on the increase

During the past 12 months we have noticed an increase in the number of Wedding Fayres in the areas in which County Bride operates. As more premises are granted a license to carry out the Wedding Ceremony, so there is the obvious move by the proprietors of new Licensed Venues to 'showcase' their facilities. And what better way to do this than to hold a Wedding Fayre or Open Day/Evening.

A successful fayre will normally attract between 75 - 150 brides. Wedding World Fayres, who County Bride work closely with, regularly attract over 300 brides to their shows.
When you consider that for every bride who attends a Wedding Fayre/Open Day there will be 3 people on average in that party, you begin to realise how beneficial to the venue these events have become.

With figures showing that 90% of brides purchase local services for their wedding, it is not difficult to understand the 'chemistry' created at these fayres with many local Wedding Service Providers attending.

County Bride displays a regularly updated list of Wedding Fayres on their website free-of-charge, for the areas of Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire, N Somerset, SE Wales and Wiltshire.