Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wedding Etiquette:
Traditions & Customs - The Cake

The Cake: wedding cake
Historically it was the custom to shower the bride with small cakes (like confetti) or even break the cake over the brides head! An old English custom included the placement of a ring inside the cake, with the lucky guest who found it being ensured happiness. The Wedding Cake containing fruit and nuts was originally produced to symbolise fertility. The wedding cake was developed over time into a tower of several cakes placed on top of one another. Originally the bride and groom would stand on opposite sides of the cake and attempt to kiss. If the kiss was carried out without toppling the cake, good fortune could be expected. This tradition has been continued and modified into today's multi-tiered cake with the kissing couple on top.
The top tier of the cake is often kept for the christening of the couple's first born.

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